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Thanks for taking some of your valuable time to explore the information on this site.  We invite you to take a tour through the various pages and learn all the ways The Open Door Group can help you accomplish your business goals and earn the profits you deserve, regardless of your industry.  We'd like the opportunity to open the door to success for you, your employees, and your business.​  Please contact us to directly schedule an appointment at a time of your convenience or if you have comments or questions.

Dan Purkey
CEO and President


consulting services, management consulting

Common sense is not so common.  It's usually only applied in hindsight.  When debriefing an issue, someone inevitably says, "If we'd have just applied a little more common sense, we'd have solved this issue easily."  Yet businesses are overwhelmed by continuing and seemingly unsolvable problems.  What must be needed is "uncommon sense" - something that actually works.  "Uncommon sense" really is just common sense applied proactively instead of retroactively.

There's more to improving profitability than the two solutions most businesses use - spend more marketing dollars or ham-handed expense cuts.  The Open Door Group knows it's rarely that simple.  We get to the root of your problems quickly and recommend proven solutions efficiently so you don't have to hand over a blank check for our services.  You'll always get more benefit from our services than what it costs you.  We help you see what you can't and apply uncommon sense tools to your business to drive improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability while making individual work-lives calmer and more productive.  

When common sense just isn't enough

We're a management consulting and training organization designed to elevate the performance of your business.  We'll dig into specific issues at your business and get directly to the root causes of your problems.  We won't waste your time (and money) billing you for presenting theoretical approaches and leaving you to figure out how to implement them.  Our goal is not to provide you nice, happy, feel-good, high level theories about how your business should run.  We'll work on specific issues you have and efficiently attack them, with an eye on keeping your billing low.  No matter what industry you're in, we can help you improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability enabling your business to reach goals that otherwise seem somehow elusive.  

The machine is the business - designed to generate profit.  The parts are management, employees, and customers and they're inextricably connected.  Profit feeds management, management feeds employees, employees feed customers, and customers feed profit.  Our focus is to get all of the various parts of your business to work in concert which allows the machine to do its job - make money. 

There are four key foundational principles that drive success in any business. The Open Door Group philosophy is to use and teach these powerful principles (and other Core Values and Principles (CVPs)) with a toolbox full of proven, practical, managerial tools to use every day in order to help you improve your business.  The process is simply to understand your issues and then customize our tools to your situation to provide the results you need.

  • Effective Communication

  • Alignment with Principles

  • True Prioritization

  • Simplification

Let us show you how to integrate CVPs into your business to solve your most pressing problems.



Look at some of the improvements we've made to businesses that directly affect their profitability.  We can do the same for you.

  • Reduced expenses by $900K for a $12M business

  • Improved individual departmental metrics by 40% - 200%

  • Reduced repair calls by 50%

  • Improved call center order accuracy to 95%

  • Increased technical sales by ten times

  • Provided strategy and tactics to win 95% of legal hearings

  • Pinpointed causes for $1.2M in excess inventory

  • Identified root causes for poor customer sales penetration levels

  • Increased completion of scheduled jobs by 25%

  • Developed processes to reduce sales cycle from 50 days to 30

  • Increased Preventative Maintenance Routines completion from 80% to 98%


Dan Purkey is the founder, CEO, and President of The Open Door Group, LLC, a management consulting firm begun in 2003.  Purkey has over 30 years of broad-based business experience with a variety of companies at executive levels, backed by a Black Belt Lean Management certification. He brings this experience to The Open Door Group to make organizations operate better, more efficiently, and more profitably.  He has a somewhat unique combination of sales, operations, and regulatory experience.  At his core, he's a teacher.

He has experience in virtually all of the functions of any business including, but not limited to, organizational management, customer satisfaction, operations, sales, business development, finance, marketing, human resources, and contracts.  He's produced measurable operational results improvements beyond what many thought possible.

After the break up of the Bell System that led to the creation of competitive residential phone service,  Purkey headed up the contract negotiation team among Fortune 50 telecom companies.  Subsequently, he was responsible for the launch of the first competitive residential local telephone service in Utah.  He led the market from zero to over $25M in annual revenue in the first three years, the best of any market nationally. 

Working with a cable installation firm, he lead it to become the Number One contractor in its market and then went on to develop a brand new market. Within three months the company became the Number Three contractor (of eleven) - based on measured operational results.

Purkey developed a nationally recognized imputation methodology and was a subject matter expert witness on long distance issues, imputation, and interconnection in over 40 regulatory proceedings.  His advocacy won the day in 95% of the cases.  He also has seven years of sales experience, selling to large businesses and government.  He's a persuasive, entertaining speaker, with experience in a variety of venues to audiences large to small.  This style makes the audiences pay more attention and results in words being turned into action.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education (cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Washington and an MBA with an emphasis in Managerial and Organizational Leadership (Presidential Honors) from City University of Seattle.  He has received recognition for his work performance and contributions to Diversity.​ 


Purkey is also an accomplished author.  In addition to the management book Uncommon Sense Management (​click here to read more), he's also the author of the detective novel Trackers (available in print at, in digital form on Kindle, and in audio form from Books In Motion), plus a short story and various articles in trade magazines.

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