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We Make Your Work Life Easier.

Our Approach and Process


The Open Door Group's management philosophy is to focus on the foundational aspects of what makes businesses succeed versus change for change’s sake.  Establishing a key set of principles by which all will abide is the first step.  Then it becomes a matter of getting the organization to act in alignment with those principles.  That happens by developing clear policies and clear procedures for company-wide operational processes that will ultimately drive improved and sustained efficiency, productivity, and profitability. 

We'll help you develop organization, structure, measurable goals, and accountability in an open and communicating environment with an unrelenting focus on results and a positive experience for your customer.

Communications has tentacles that touch every single aspect of your business - with direct consequences on profitability.  While improved communications forms the foundation of how The Open Door Group can help your business, we believe in providing practical tools for immediate implementation.   

The Open Door philosophy incorporates education.  We believe that when employees have more knowledge better decisions will be reached and better results will be achieved.  If employees have the right processes and tools, are actively engaged in their work, and understand exactly how they fit into the success of the company, profits will increase.  Therefore, we also offer training designed to improve employee efficiency and productivity.



While your specific business situation is unique and the solutions will be tailored to your needs, you can expect the following general process to help get your business and your work life to where you want it.

  • A no-charge initial consultation with the decision maker and/or project sponsor.  We'll discuss your specific situation in general and decide if The Open Door Group can help.  This generally will take an hour.

  • Contract signed.

  • Learn key processes and interactions from the inside.  Gain an understanding of the current workings of the business.

  • Interview key leaders involved in the situation.

  • Throughout the process, we'll hold brief, regular update meetings with the decision maker and/or project sponsor at mutually agreed to times, particularly after interviews with identified groups have been conducted.

  • Interview identified mid-level managers, supervisors, and front line personnel.

  • Conduct interviews with additional people identified from the interviews above as needed.

  • Develop proposal with plans for action.  Review with decision maker and/or project sponsor.  Modify plans as needed.

  • Wrap-up meeting with the decision maker and/or project sponsor.

  • Implement the plan.  The Open Door Group will continue to stay engaged, as desired.

This is a partnership between your company and The Open Door Group.  Success only comes from teamwork and

a dedication to truly fixing identified problems.  Let's work together to get you the profits you deserve.


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