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May 5, 2022

Is Now the Time to Hire That Business Coach? Keep Reading to Find Out!

From guest blogger Dean Burgess, db@excitepreneur.net


     You don’t have to be an entrepreneur for long before people start asking, “Are you working with a coach?” Truly, hiring a business coach is one of the best decisions some business owners make. At its core, coaching means unlocking someone’s potential so they perform at full capacity and get the most from their endeavors. Here's some practical insight to help you identify when hiring a business coach is the right move!


You Need a Plan        

     If you don’t see a clear path forward for your business, you could likely benefit from working with a business coach. Maybe your company’s direction has shifted several times in the last few months or years, or perhaps you no longer know what your leadership role entails. Maybe you have not written down clearly defined plans or priorities or don’t know how to organize your daily tasks.

     The truth is, you are responsible all parts of your company, and business owners are often expected to be adept at a wide range of tasks. But, it can be challenging to fulfill your role without a clear plan for how to proceed. Not only do you need to understand your role, but you also need to effectively delegate responsibilities to your team members and help everyone stay on the same page toward your business goals.

     If you have yet to write an official business plan, that should be a top priority and a coach can help you do it. A good business plan will thoroughly describe your company and include any relevant details about who you will target your sales and marketing toward and how you will sell your products or services, structure the company, and reach your financial goals. If you are in the process of launching a startup, look to online resources to learn how to set up a new company.


You Can’t Take on Anymore      

     You’ve been sleeping in the office occasionally and can’t remember the last time you took a vacation. If this describes your situation, you are probably overwhelmed and need to hire a business coach. Business ownership can leave you emotionally drained and stressed out. If you fail to establish boundaries, you will eventually burn out.

     Take time to analyze your weekly to-do list to determine which tasks do and do not help move your company in the right direction. If a particular project or job that you are responsible for does not get you closer to an overarching business goal, then it should not be consuming a lot of your time and energy. Time is money, which means that every minute you spend should be productive, whether in your work or personal life.

     If there is no one to turn to in your company for help, keeping in mind that everyone in the company owes their job to you and may not be the most objective source, hire a coach to help you strategize and escape the state of being constantly overwhelmed. Coaches are able to provide a truly objective perspective and show you how to effectively perform and delegate individual tasks so that your company and your work-life balance benefit.


You Need to Be Accountable     

     Maybe you have written down all of your goals and the strategies to get you there, but you simply are not achieving those goals. If that’s the case, you could use some accountability from outside of your company.

     A good coach can come in and help you determine which goals are and are not realistic and help you develop methods for achieving them. They will also stay in contact with you regularly to help you monitor your progress, applying a healthy pressure to help you stay on task and hit your milestones.

     By the way, accountability is also an essential characteristic of your personal life. A coach can help ensure you are distributing the appropriate amount of time and energy across all aspects of your life. Some entrepreneurs ask friends or family members to hold them accountable for their professional and business goals. While this works for some, the people closest to you may not know how precisely to keep you accountable. Asking you to do so can negatively impact the relationship.

     Business coaches know that accountability is part of the job. They won’t think twice about calling you out for mistakes or providing the necessary fire for you to make critical decisions. A good coach will keep you from making poor excuses and come up with strategies that have proven to help others in the industry succeed.


You Want More Skills     

     Being a business owner means that you need a broad skill set because you will be responsible for many different tasks. No matter how talented or skilled you are, there is always room for improvement. Whether you lack confidence in your leadership skills or are generally seen as an expert business owner, chances are there are new skills for you to discover.

     Besides the typical leadership skills, you may need to cultivate skills in money management, marketing, mechanical operations, or any number of other specialties within your company. The more skills you possess, the more effectively you can lead and the quicker you can step in when your team needs help with a project.

     The key is to find a business coach who can help you develop the specific skills you are after. If you need to improve your soft skills, look for a coach with experience in that area. If you need to brush up on the financial side of things, find a coach with experience in finances.


Finding the Right Business Coach   

     Finding a good business coach is just as important as recognizing that you need a coach. But, most of the time, a simple web search is not enough to connect with the perfect coach. You must consider many factors and potentially speak with many candidates if you are to find a coach that can mesh with your personality and provide the services you need.

     As you look for a coach, analyze each candidate's expertise, such as their background, skills, and knowledge. Also, make sure any coach you are considering hiring has the experience that aligns with the issues you are trying to address.

     Furthermore, what kind of connections does the coach offer? The best coaches work with a network of professionals who they can connect you with to solve any problems the coach themselves cannot solve.

     You will also need a coach with a good attitude. After all, business situations can be extremely stressful. The last thing you need is for an impatient and irritable coach to make matters worse. Once you think you have found the right coach, make sure their availability and expectations will meet your needs.



     Business ownership is one of the hardest career paths you can take, but it also happens to be among the most fulfilling. With that said, you shouldn’t expect yourself to get through the challenges all by yourself.

     Working with a business coach could do wonders for relieving your stress, helping you make critical business decisions, and helping you develop a work-life balance. If your professional and personal life needs guidance, start looking for a coach today!