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Do I Really Need a Consultant?

The fact that you're on a website researching management consultants is a pretty good indication that you need one.  Consultants do a couple of key things for businesses.

First, they provide a neutral, third party view of your business.  Every person and every business has blind spots - those things that you don't know or choose to ignore about your business or yourself, but that others can see.  If you don't know what you don't know, then a consultant can help you understand where your weaknesses lie.

Second, a consultant can bring expertise into your business that you currently lack (and may have a blind spot about).  For example, leaders who are engineers stereotypically aren't good people managers.  Engineering objects is one thing, but applying engineering techniques to people is quite another and usually won't work.  The Open Door Group can get the people and processes working smoothly for you.

Every business is different, but at the same time, every business has similarities.  The Open Door Group will tailor its efforts to you.  But with over 30 years of broad based business experience, we also understand the bigger picture - the issues you may face individually probably fall into various categories that others have experienced.  With our knowledge base and your help, we'll quickly find the solutions that fit your business.  Our mission is to find the root causes of your problems and fix them with whatever solutions are appropriate for your situation.

Here's a sampling of issues you may be facing that you may not even know about, but are actually at the core of why your profitability is not where you'd like it:

  • Overly complex processes

  • Unclear processes

  • Incorrect processes

  • Inconsistent processes

  • No processes

  • No employee buy-in to the processes

  • Interdepartmental friction

  • Intradepartmental friction

  • Competing priorities

  • Failure to properly prioritize

  • No prioritization

  • Misunderstanding of the root causes of problems

  • Lack of metrics (measurable goals)

  • Lack of defined action plans

  • Lack of true accountability

  • No employee engagement in job

  • Lack of training

  • Lack of structure

  • Lack of focus on the business strategy

  • Lack of teamwork for a common cause

More, unfortunately, many more . . .

All of the above issues have their roots in poor communications in one way or another.  And all of the above have direct negative effects on profitability.
There's more to improving profitability than the two solutions most businesses use - spend more marketing dollars or cut expenses.  The Open Door Group

knows it's rarely that simple.  As is seen above, the list of potential causes is long.  We'll dig deeper, then find and fix the root causes of your problems.
The Open Door Group can help.

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