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You just start on a task and the phone rings with some urgent matter dumped on you from a co-worker or a cus­tomer. Then a hot email comes in that needs immediate attention. Then your boss assigns you some chore that has to be done by tomorrow or the world as we know it will end. Then the phone rings again, followed by an instant message from a colleague wondering where you are for the meeting that started five minutes ago, just as one of your direct reports comes in yammering about the disagreement he just had with another department. Finally the end of the workday comes and you’ve accomplished—nothing. Or at least that’s the way it feels.

If you’re too busy to do your job, there’s a good chance you’ve developed the habit to focus only on the immediate fire drill that’s in front of your face right now. From an overall company health perspective, that’s bad, as you forget to make the customer satisfied, forget to coach employees, forget about why the company hired you, and forget to improve your situation. You just want to get the cur­rent issue behind you so you can address the next issue in line. What a dreary existence.

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