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Trackers - The Novel and The Test


Ineffective communication takes many, many different forms that can appear to the untrained eye as something other than a communication issue. The key to success is to have the realization that if you can’t associate the root cause of a given problem with some type of communication, then you haven’t dug deep enough. 


The book Uncommon Sense Management provides the practical techniques to find these root causes, but in the real world, it's not always so easy.  Somehow you've got to be able to link the real world issue you face back to the theory of the book and then take the appropriate theory and apply it to your real world situation.  The better and more quickly you can do this, the better manager you'll be.


So, after reading Uncommon Sense Management, here's a test for you about what you learned.  The detective novel Trackers serves as that test.  While a great, entertaining read in its own right, Trackers is also infused with various management concepts hidden within the story.  Much as in real life, those concepts are disguised by situations and people.  Root causes don't often just jump out and smack you in the head.  As a manager, you're paid to figure them out.  


Your challenge in reading Trackers is to find those management principles that are taught in Uncommon Sense Management.


Be entertained and learn at the same time.  What a concept!  BUY the novel TRACKERS (click here).



In the course of an otherwise routine missing person case, private detective Jack Dugan stumbles onto a covert operation that effectively controls everyone on the planet.  Through secret cellular-sized implants, The Council tracks and records where anyone is at any given time without their knowledge, inserting themselves at their pleasure in politics, business, and personal lives, with often deadly results.  Humankind’s freedom hangs on the ability of a cynical, bicycle-riding PI to operate at a level of intrigue he’s never experienced, battling powers determined to destroy him and the knowledge he gains in the course of his investigation.  Trackers, in the mold of a classic detective thriller, takes you on an entertaining, action-packed, disturbing journey of what could be.  Trackers: We know where you are.


BUY the novel TRACKERS (click here)

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