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This page is dedicated to learning.  The videos contained here provide some practical methods to make you and your business more effective, efficient, and profitable.  An important point not to be missed is that these methods are largely applicable to your personal life as well as your business.  By keeping the concepts in mind when interacting with other people, conversations and determining who will do what by when become much easier.  Stay tuned to this page, as new videos are added frequently.

The Vision, The Dream, The Ideal Company

Describes the characteristics of the ideal company. How far is your company from the ideal?  How can you move your company to get closer to the ideal?

4 Universal, Foundational Business Principles

Being out of alignment with one or more of four universal, foundational business principles is the root cause for the vast majority of business problems. Find out how to identify when they are in play and how to get back into alignment to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

The Root Cause

of Most Problems

Poses the concept that 75% of the time, the root cause of business (or personal) problems is ineffective communication.  Fix communication and you fix most everything.

Too Busy Even to

Do Your Job?

A common complaint I hear is you're too busy even to do your job. This video explains some ways to get out of that cycle to regain control of your life.  This isn't "time management."  This is how to manage your business life.

Assumptions Kill Efficiency and Effectiveness

Assumptions are the silent assassins of effective communication.  Learn how to recognize and account for them to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

What Is True Prioritization?

If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority. True Priorities are defined by ACTIONS, not words. This video explains some pitfalls when people try to prioritize and how to avoid them. The result is that the things that are truly important get done faster and more smoothly so that you can have the time to work on new priorities.

Use and Misuse of Metrics

Most metrics are useless and there are too many of them to be practical, anyway. They may be informative, but they aren't ACTIONABLE. Learn how to create metrics that will drive the behavior of people in their jobs to focus on the truly important things in their jobs that directly impact revenue and/or other True Priority Goals.

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