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Book Excerpt: What This Book Does

What This Book Does

     In this book, we’ll examine the components that should be Prioritized to the best benefit of your business so that not only is profit maximized, but the people that produce that profit are happy to do so instead of resentful that they have to show up to work. By the end of the book, we’ll have discovered:
     • How to get control of your work life and reduce both personal and work stress
     • How to increase efficiencies
     • How to increase effectiveness
     • How to be a better leader
     • How to make the organization better
     • How to institute a culture of Effective Communication
     • How to institute a culture of continuous improvement
     • How to improve profitability
     • How to move your business from chaos to calm
     • Practical steps to change your reality
     To be fair and set expectations up front (one of the topics we’ll discuss later that helps break the cycle of “too busy to do your job”), this book won’t stop all of the fire drills that occur daily. Life happens. Real emergencies do occur and must be dealt with. But there are ways to reduce the number of false emergencies and take control of your work life. You can sure put a big dent in the number of fire drills so that those that still do make it to you will be worthy of your attention. Then, you’ll actually have time to calmly address them. By the time you turn the last page, you’ll understand the way it could be and, more importantly, how to get there. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll find you can actually fix abysmal customer satisfaction, leave your work day with a sense of accomplishment, and have a stronger, healthier business to boot.

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