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Legal Businesses

  • As a subject matter expert witness, Dan Purkey won 95% of the regulatory utilities cases in which he testified - a record virtually unmatched in the industry.

  • Reversed a $6M fine imposed by the Iowa Utilities Board.

  • Led contract negotiations among Fortune 50 telecom companies that led to the first competition in the industry after over 100 years of the AT&T monopoly.

What are the common denominators that produced these unprecedented results?
  • Outstanding ability to effectively communicate, both verbally and with written material

  • Outstanding ability to research to create a solid story

  • Outstanding ability to provide logical arguments to effectively persuade opinions

What's common among the common denominators?
  • All are needed in order to win legal cases.

  • All can be taught to produce winning results, regardless of the case.

See the Training page for how The Open Door Group can bring these qualities to your company.

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