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Why the Name "Open Door?"

In corporate America, an "open door" management approach means that all are welcome to participate in decisions and are, in fact, encouraged to do so.  Suggestions and constructive criticism are embraced.

An open door means that anyone can walk in and talk to the boss about what is right and what is wrong with their department or the company without having to worry about retribution from the boss.  Problems are addressed with the idea of making things better, not assigning blame.  As a team, smart solutions are implemented for the betterment of everyone.  People working in an open door environment feel empowered and a contributing, valuable part of the company.

The Open Door Group helps businesses succeed in their stated missions.  While those missions may take various forms, generally the bottom line is profit.  So, even though the focus of The Open Door Group is to improve processes and improve employees, the underlying reason for those recommendations is squarely related to improving profit margins and we never lose sight of that objective. 

The open door philosophy, when managed correctly, is a powerful tool to generate those profits.

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